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Going Full Beans – Cycling And Coffee In Dubai

Cycling and coffee go hand in hand right? The pre / post / mid ride coffee stop is a time bound tradition and integral part of riding, giving us the opportunity to share Strava times (if they are any good), show off a new bit of kit or continue the slammed or not slammed stem argument (10 years and counting).

Whether it’s a weekend social or your midweek loosener, coffee is as important to cyclists as spare tubes and sunscreen so with this in mind we have put together a run down of Dubai’s coffee spots that we believe offer something for the cyclist. It may be that they are on a recognized cycling route, that they champion sustainable practices (something that most cyclists appreciate) or it may simply be that they have great coffee and are worth seeking out.

There is no order to the list, this is not a ranking, and you will notice that we haven’t included any of the local bike shop based cafes – this is not to say that they don’t do a great job – they do, this is about sharing some of the alternatives out there.

We have no affiliations with any of these places and have never received so much as a free sugar lump from them – we include them purely because we like them. For sure you will have your own favourites which we may have missed out so we’d be happy to hear about them…who knows, maybe this will start a new argument and give us a break from ‘to slam or not to slam’.

Stomping Grounds

In Jumeriah 1 and just a couple of minutes away from The Cycle Hub this is a great option if you are riding up that way or popping out to pick up some spares. Their coffee is on point with lots of specialty brews available and the food menu has a bunch of tasty yet healthy options. Or you could just get the chicken parma and put your lycra to the test.

Unsurprisingly it gets crazy busy particularly at the weekends so best to call ahead

Amongst Few

Recently relocated to Al Wasl Road in Umm Sequim 1 this is more than just a coffee joint. Yes the coffee is solid and the vegan driven menu takes the pain out of being vegan but you can also pick up limited edition sneakers and their own brand streetwear from the shop inside.

Anything else…oh yes, they have a barbers upstairs so you really can leave feeling and looking fresh…oh and they valet too (not sure about bikes but they do everything else so it wouldn’t surprise us) so whilst its probably not the best place to ride to its still worth checking out for sure.


Or ‘The Light At The End Of The Tunnel’ as we like to call it after 3 hours in the saddle. Found at KOA Canvas in Al Barari this is more restaurant than coffee shop but with a great laid back vibe and friendly team you wont feel conspicuous sat head to toe in fluorescent lycra (and they have outside tables you can hide away on if needed).

A great spot to start and end your ride from with a dedicated cycle path taking you past Global Village up to the start of the stick and then onto the loop. Once you arrive back you can indulge in some of Dubai’s most creative and quality driven dishes including an awesome post-ride breakfast selection.

The Lowe team also champion sustainable ingredients and cooking techniques so you don’t really need any more reasons to visit. Ok, one more and it’s a good one……its licensed (from midday). Nominate a driver and then cool off with a nice cold beer or glass of wine. You could almost be in Italy

Café Rider

Aimed at riders of the motorized persuasion you may think this is an odd choice for this list but it merits inclusion on the strength of its food and coffee and the awesome value for money it offers. When you ask people what they think of when they think of Dubai ‘value for money’ isn’t exactly a top answer. At Café Rider you can get a coffee (made with beans roasted onsite) and their tasty bruschetta for only 30dhs all in and they give you free water on the table!

They also sell the different beans they roast to take away and will happily grind them for you if you wish, so you can enjoy even more value for money at home

Located in Al Quoz to ride here would be do-able but not for the faint of heart…better for a non-bike day.

So there you go – just a few a of our favourite spots to hang out, each offers something different but they are all super friendly and great at what they do. If you didn’t see your favourite here, or have a recommendation you want to share, then for sure let us know.