Empty Roads is an independent brand, born in the UAE with a simple vision;

To create sustainable, unique performance apparel that doesn’t cost the Earth.

We collaborate with cyclists who share our passion for riding , designers who represent our style and producers who support our belief that great products can be sustainable.

These collaborations help us to create sustainable, rider engineered cycling clothing so you can clock up the miles knowing you are making a difference.

Our business is built on the simple enjoyment of riding a bike. We want you to enjoy choosing and using our products, and for our partners to enjoy working with us.
Our Values
We are committed to being a sustainable and ethical business. From the design of our products through production, retail and ultimately end of use, we aim to find a sustainable balance, minimising the impact to our environment while benefitting the communities and people we collaborate with.
Our Values
Whether with designers, suppliers, craftspeople or riders, we want to collaborate to innovate and grow. We don’t have all the answers so sharing ideas, experience, knowledge and opportunities helps us to find solutions and build resources.
Our Values